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The tourism industry in Angola is based on the country's natural beauty, including its rivers, waterfalls and scenic coastline. Angola's tourism industry is relatively new, as much of the country was destroyed during the post-colonial civil war; which ended in 2002. Angola is a beautiful country in south central Africa. Its capital is the city of Luanda. The country is bounded by Namibia in the south, Zambia in the east and Democratic Republic of Congo in the north. The western portion of Angola is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Despite being new the tourism industry Angola has many natural tourist attractions. Some of the most popular parks include: The Cameia National Park (Much of the park consists of seasonally inundated plains that form part of the Zambezi river basin, with the northern half of the park draining into the Chifumage River. The park is a sample of nature not occurring elsewhere in Angola); The Cangandala National Park (It is the smallest National Park in the country and is situated in the Malanje province); Iona National Park (the park is known for unique flora and incredible rock formations) and The Mupa National. Along with the parks Angola has some of the most beautiful tourist destinations that should not be missed. The very unique landscape is the Valley of the Moon. It is also known as Miradouro da Lua or Watchpoint. This peculiar tourist attraction is situated at the coast 40 kilometers south of Luanda. One of the most stunning waterfalls, not only in Angola but also in the whole world, is the Kalendula Waterfalls. This geological beauty of nature lies on the Lucala River in Malange, Angola. Another unusual geologic formation in Angola is the "Black Stones" of Pungo Adongo near Malage. If you want to go on swimming in Angola, the best destination is the beautiful Coatinha Beach in Benguela. The city of Benguela is located in western Angola, south of Luanda. This unique beach is part of the Benguela Bay. If you found Kalendula Waterfalls captivating, the stunning beauty of Tazua Falls in Rio Cuango will surely also attract you. This tourist spot is one of richest sources of gem diamonds in Angola. The Island of Luanda or is a beautiful tourist destination in Angola. This island is located off the shore of Luanda. There are several resorts in the island and it is noted as the location to collect Zimbo, the shells that constituted the currency of the Kongo king before the arrival of the Portuguese. The largest known Welwitschia, nicknamed "The Big Welwitschia" is one of the wonder of natures that can be found in Angola and Namibia. This intriguing plant stands 1.4 meters tall and is more than 4 meters in diameter. The plant is considered a living fossil.


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