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Honeymoons - Namibia

Africa is an outstanding honeymoon destination.  There is nowhere else in the world where you can experience such phenomenal game-viewing and beautiful African wilderness, just a short hop away from a glorious Indian Ocean beach. This combination of adventure and relaxation is a perfect antidote to all the stress of a wedding, and an unforgettable shared experience to kick off married life. Every honeymoon couple has one thing in common – the need that their honeymoonshould be absolutely perfect. However, this obviously means different things to different people!  Some want a rustic, authentic wilderness experience (bucket showers and no electricity), while others want chic, stylish, sophisticated luxury (fine dining and spa treatments). Whether you desire a large resort hotel or small boutique guesthouse, pure chill out relaxation or adrenaline-pumping adventure, Jambo Safaris experienced tour designers will firstly listen to what you have in mind for your trip and then, taking factors such as available travel time, budget and the type of experience you would like to have into consideration, create a perfecthoneymoon itinerary to suit you!  This is where our skill and experience in tailor making itineraries becomes incredibly important. Our luxury safari honeymoonscan take you anywhere you like, from South Africa to Mozambique and from Botswana to Tanzania, we can arrange it. At Jambo Safari we are passionate about our service and offer our clients something a little more personal, by personally selecting the locations and properties that we utilize and visit them regularly. Let Jambo Safari take you on a honeymoon of your dreams within the vibrant lands that lies just beyond your door step.
Featured Tours
All tours can be customized to fit your specific needs or preferences.

Under Namibian Skies

Duration: 13 Days
Highlights include:
  • Damaraland: Damaraland is one of the most scenic areas in Namibia, a huge, untamed, ruggedly beautiful region that offers the more traveller a more adventurous challenge. Here there are prehistoric water courses with open plains and grassland, massive granite koppies and deep gorges. Towards the west, the geography changes dramatically with endless sandy wastes, that incredibly are able to sustain small, but wide-ranging, populations of desert-adapted elephant, black rhino, giraffe, ostrich and springbok.
  • Etosha National Park: Etosha National Park is unique in Africa. The park’s main characteristic is a salt pan so large it can be seen from space. Yet there is abundant wildlife that congregates around the waterholes, giving you almost guaranteed game sightings. At the same time Etosha National Park is one of the most accessible game reserves in Namibia and Southern Africa. 
  • Skeleton Coast: Few attractions are as evocative and atmospheric as the haunting the Skeleton Coast. Situated on Namibia’s remote western coastline, it is named after the many ships that sank here over the past few centuries. Stretching from the south of Namibia up into Angola, the Skeleton Coast and its hinterland is a landscape of haunting beauty, a vast area of rolling sand dunes, expanses of uninhabited desert plains, fossil beds, unique geological formations, desert-adapted animals and strange vegetation.
  • Brandberg Mountain: A notable landmark for early Namibian explorers was a soaring mass of granite, known as The Brandberg. The 'fire mountain', is so called because of the effect created by the setting sun on its western face, which causes the granite massif to resemble a burning slag-heap glowing red.
  • Swakopmund: Palm-lined streets, seaside promenades, fine accommodation, a pleasant summer climate and decent beaches. This seaside town showcases its German origins in its European-style colonial architecture, the complete opposite of the landscape of the Namib Desert.Sossusvlei
  • Windhoek: It’s not a big city and is eminently walk able; add to this a mixed population, a pedestrian-friendly city centre, a relaxed, relatively hassle-free pace and an utterly cosmopolitan outlook and Windhoek makes for a very pleasant exploration indeed. Neo-baroque cathedral spires, as well as a few seemingly misplaced German castles, punctuate the skyline, and complement the steel-and-glass high-rises.

Namibian Treasures

Duration: 07 Days
Highlights include:
  • Duwisib Castle:  In a remote valley, on the edge of the Namib Dune Desert, set amidst huge camel-thorn trees, lies one of Namibia's most famous and extraordinary buildings - the historic Duwisib Castle.
  • Desert Express: On this train journey you will cover 220 miles from Windhoek through Namibia’s central highlands, across savannah, desert and gravel plains to Swakopmund on the Atlantic coast.
  • Swakopmund: Palm-lined streets, seaside promenades, fine accommodation, a pleasant summer climate and decent beaches. This seaside town showcases its German origins in its European-style colonial architecture, the complete opposite of the landscape of the Namib Desert.
  • Namib Desert: The Namib is a coastal desert in southern Africa. A number of unusual species of plants and animals are found in this desert, many of which are endemic and highly adapted to the specific climate of the area. One of the most well-known endemic plants of the Namib is the bizarre Welwitschia mirabilis; a shrub-like plant, it grows two long strap-shaped leaves continuously throughout its lifetime.


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